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Alexander Elementary School


Single Day Request for Pick Up Form

If you need to pick up a child early for an appointment or at the regular dismissal time, please complete a Single Day Request for Pick Up form. This should be sent in with your child in the morning ON THE DAY OF the change. Please include the time you will arrive and who will be picking up your child. Please do not rely on an email or Parent Square message to teachers or the main office. These can get missed as faculty and staff only have certain opportunities to check messages during the day or there may be a substitute.


For Early Pickup:

When you arrive please pull up at the sidewalk, buzz in, and show your ID to the camera while letting us know who you are picking up, and we will send your child out to you. We will make every attempt to have your child ready when you get here.


For Regular Dismissal:

Drive into the front bus loop and pull up by the sidewalk, as directed. Please give your name to a staff member when you arrive in the loop.


*If you run out of copies and do not have access to a printer, please include all of this information on your note.